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Brandie Kasula in Honolulu, HI on Houzz

Conceptual Planning 
Design Development
Space Planning
Furniture Layout
Custom Furniture Design & Specification
Textile Selection, Coordination & Specification

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Kitchen, Bath & Home Design

Concept Design-

After carefully analyzing the client's brief, the initial concept is presented to the client. Drawings/elevations/sketches showing the general layout can be shown with images to portray the overall design concept.  This is a visual representation of the general interior design direction.  Once this direction is approved by the client, we begin to develop the concept.  

Design Development-

The concept design is developed in more detail:  Drawings and visuals are created presenting more details and specific measurements, beginning to identify some materials and other specifications.  This process can last up to several weeks as we work together and further develop and fine-tune all the details functionally as well as aesthetically.

Technical Design-

The evolution of the agreed detailed design is transposed into a technical design, integrating elements such as appliance specification, lighting plan, tile sizes, countertops, cabinetry layout and all other specified items pertaining to the client’s contract.  Documents/drawings are prepared for construction and material selections are fine-tuned incorporating final amounts into the budget.  

My design services

Client Brief-

We offer an in-home consultation at no charge and without time constraints. During this meeting we will discuss the full scope of the project allowing us to establish the goals and specific needs of the client in respect to lifestyle, functional requirements, timeline, budget and individual design preferences.  Each job is unique and specific to the clients' needs; therefore services are contracted on a job by job basis.  



Where to Begin

Lighting Design & Layout
Custom Cabinetry Drawings & Specifications
Floor Plan & Elevation Drawings
Material Selection & Coordination
Product Specification, Sourcing & Purchasing
Project Assistance with Contractor

Custom Upholstery

Custom Closet Layout & Design


After consideration is given to the individual elements of the detailed design through communication with suppliers, the agreed materials, cabinetry, furniture, textiles etc are ordered and purchased in time to arrive for final installation. 

Project Management & Installation-

This is the life changing phase; we turn your vision into reality.  The materials and items are all on order and the construction process can begin.  According to the contractor, a timeline is established.  They will know when to demo and call in the sub-contractors for plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc.  We meet with the contractor/subs as often as needed to assist and ensure the design intent is properly executed. 

 Finishing Touches-

Near project ending, we will meet with the contractor and the client to walk-through the project for a punch-list of all outstanding items/details that need to be addressed.  We will follow through with all these action items as quickly as possible.  After all completion items are met, it is officially “handed” over.  Project complete!